Article I – Name, Boundaries, and Affiliations

A. The legal name of this organization is the Portland Metro Pacific Green Party, hereinafter also referred to as “Portland Metro Greens” or “PDX Greens”.

B. The legal area of this organization is the union of Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties, in the State of Oregon.

C. PDX Greens operates as an autonomous organ of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon

Article II – Purpose

A. PDX Greens is established to work for sustainability and conservation, peace, social justice, and grassroots democracy through the electoral system.

Article III – Membership

A. Membership categories are defined as follows:

1. Member – As defined in ORS 248.002(4), an individual who is registered as being affiliated with the Pacific Green Party of Oregon.

2. Participating Member – A Member who has participated in consensus meetings as defined in the bylaws.

3. Supporting Member – A Member who has donated in a monetary or volunteered skill (In-kind donation) within the last 12 months, equivalent to the pre-requisite required in the state bylaws.

Article IV – Organization

A. Decision-making Process using Modified Consensus:

1. The Portland Green Party is established as a participatory democracy following the consensus model described by C. T. Butler’s “On Conflict and Consensus”.

2. Except that if the consensus process fails after two attempts, the majority approval of a public vote cast carries the decision.

3. Except that modification of these Constitution and Bylaws requires two-third affirmative support of all votes cast at a Participating Member meeting if referred to by unanimous consent of the Board or by ten Participating Member signatures when introduced at a prior Participating Member meeting.

4. A person is ineligible for decision making or being elected, appointed, or hired, if the person has ever been convicted for a criminal offense involving fraud, forgery or identification theft.

5. Any member may vote on candidate endorsements, and such endorsements must provide for secrecy and mail or electronic balloting as determined by rules established by the Board.

6. At least three eligible decision-makers present constitute a quorum of any committee or meeting.

7. Any committee member absent without leave may be removed upon two-thirds approval of the remaining members or the Board.

8. Any Board member may be expelled for cause by two-third affirmative support of all votes cast at a Participating Member meeting for offenses set by rule. “Cause” does not include policy disagreements with Board members who were legitimately elected using a system of proportional representation.

B. Policy and Strategy Board, or “Board”.

1. The Bylaws shall provide for a Board elected in a representative fashion by Participating Members that is the final authority for:

a. Interpreting organizational documents,

b. Proposing, approving, and publishing rules to implement these Constitution and Bylaws,

c. Approving internal policies to ensure compliance with election, employment, and any other laws,

d. Appointing Officers as provided for in this Constitution,

e. Approving all hiring decisions of its Officers,

f. Approving Portland Green Party spokespersons,

g. Appointing standing and ad hoc committee chairs, and

h. Appointing replacement Board members in the case of a vacancy, though such appointments must be ratified by the next Participating Member meeting.

C. Participating Member Meetings

1. The Board shall provide for regular Participating Member meetings at least once a calendar quarter, preferably once a calendar month.

2. Participating Member meetings, where only Participating Members are allowed to make decisions, but where any Member may participate, is the final authority for:

a. Electing Policy and Strategy Board Members.

b. Making campaign endorsements.

c. Making changes to these Constitution and Bylaws.

d. Appointing standing and ad hoc committee members.

3. At least once annually in the same calendar quarter, the Board shall call an annual Participating Member meeting to provide for Board elections

D. County Central Committees

1. The Board shall by rule provide for elections to county central committees within the Portland Green Party boundaries as needed.

2. The Board may appoint to fill vacancies to a County Central Committee within its borders between elections.

3. The Board may agree to change the boundaries of the Portland Green Party in cooperation with the Pacific Green Party State Coordinating Committee upon the successful application of another regional chapter in a contiguous area of or overlapping the original tri-county area outside Multnomah County without having to approve the change as a normal Constitution change.

4. If the Portland Green Party boundaries are reduced to Multnomah County, the Board may serve as the Multnomah County Central Committee.

E. Advisory Board

1. The Board shall appoint an Advisory Board that serves at its pleasure.

2. The members of the Advisory Board shall provide non-binding advice to the Board.

F. Officers

1. At least the following Officers shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Board:

a. Treasurer
i. The Treasurer is the legal filing officer with the State of Oregon and ensures that the books are kept legally maintained and filed appropriately under state and federal campaign finance, business, employment, tax, and any other regulations.

ii. The Board may not instruct the Treasurer to abrogate legal, fiduciary, and filing requirements.

iii. The Treasurer sits on the Policy and Strategy Board.

b. Executive Director

i. The Executive Director is the administrative officer of the Portland Green Party.

ii. The decisions of the Executive Director may be reversed for cause by the Board.

iii. The Executive Director is responsible for:
1. Hiring, firing, and managing staff to carry out the business of the Portland Green Party.
2. Operating Participating Member meetings and managing their agendas.
3. Recording and reporting decisions of Participating Member meetings as needed.

G. Spokespersons

1. The Board shall approve spokespersons for the Portland Green Party specific to narrow areas of expertise.

2. The Board itself shall act as general spokespersons for the Portland Green Party.

Article V – Approval of these Constitution and Bylaws

1. Any resident of the tri-county area boundaries specified in this Constitution who has attended one previous meeting with the Pacific Green Party or the Portland Green Party may participate and vote in an organizational meeting that approves these documents by at least a two-third affirmative support of all votes cast subject to the decision-making process outlined in Article IV Section A.

Article I – Participating Member Requirements

A. Requirements to be considered a Participating Member as defined Constitution Article III, Section A, Subsection 2:

1. Membership as defined in Constitution Article III, Section A, Subsection 1 and

2. Having attended two official Portland Green Party meetings.

Article II – Board Transparency

A. The Policy and Strategy Board shall operate in a manner open to all Participating Members except when discussing or handling personnel matters, legal issues, proprietary policy or strategy documents, or necessarily private identification credentials.

1. The Board shall operate via an electronic form except where unresolved concerns are raised, then an in-person meeting should be called to enhance the consensus decision-making process.

2. The Board shall allow all Participating Members access to its electronic discussions by subscription.

3. Decisions of any in-person Board meetings or Participating Member meetings shall be reported electronically to subscribing Participating Members within seven days of any

Article III – Board Election Process

1. The Board shall consist of seven members, except in the first year, when it will consist of four members. The Treasurer is appointed by the other Board members.

2. Each year three members will be elected to two year terms so as to provide for staggering continuity of Board members.

3. The Board shall be elected using a system provided for by Board rule that ensures proportional representation such as single-transferable voting.

4. Until such time as Board rules otherwise, OpenSTV shall be used to tally secret-ballot STV Board elections (with coin toss tiebreaks), and if there are not more candidates than seats available on the Board, the Board may be elected by consensus, forgoing a secret ballot.

Article IV – Candidate Endorsement Process

1. Non-partisan candidates seeking Portland Green Party endorsement should notify the Executive Director as soon as possible.

2. The Executive Director must notify each filed or declared opponent and provide all an opportunity to also seek an endorsement.

3. Candidate endorsements must provide for a secret ballot and must be open to all registered members. The Portland Green Party will provide for mail or electronic balloting as required by Constitution Article IV, Section A, Subsection 5.

4. At least two candidate endorsement member votes shall be scheduled per two year election cycle, a first for the primary election, and a second for the general election.

5. Candidate endorsement votes shall use preference voting and none-of-the-above whenever possible.

What follows is a “blt” file as defined by the Election Reform Society:
5 3
1 4 2 3 1 0
1 4 2 3 1 5 0
1 4 2 5 0
1 2 4 1 3 0
1 4 3 2 1 0
1 3 4 2 5 1 0
1 3 1 2 4 0
1 1 3 2 5 4 0
“Michael Meo”
“Rickie Woolley”
“Chris Extine”
“Spencer Burton”
“Portland Metro Pacific Green Party of Oregon Board Election, Aug 25th, 2010”

Note: All candidates met the NOTA requirement that they gained majority approval head-to-head against NOTA.

What Follows is the Meek STV method using Droop dynamic fractional counting, six digits of precision, and NOTA removed as NOTA is implemented using the majority-approval head-to-head requirement above.

It matches the hand-count at the meeting:
OpenSTV version 1.6 (

Loading ballots from file board2.blt.
Ballot file contains 5 candidates and 8 ballots.
Removed withdrawn candidate 4 from the ballots.
Ballot file contains 8 non-empty ballots.

Counting votes for Portland Metro Pacific Green Party of Oregon Board Election, Aug 25th,
2010 using Meek STV.

4 candidates running for 3 seats.

R|Michael Meo |Rickie Woolley |Chris Extine |Spencer Burton |Exhausted |Surplus
1| 1.000000| 1.000000| 2.000000| 4.000000| 0.000000|
1.999999| 2.000001
| Count of first choices. Candidate Spencer Burton has reached the threshold and is elected.
2| 1.000000| 2.499997| 2.499999| 2.000004| 0.000000|
0.999997| 2.000001
| Count after transferring surplus votes. Keep factors of candidates who have exceeded the
threshold: Spencer
| Burton, 0.500001. Candidates Rickie Woolley and Chris Extine have reached the threshold
and are elected.

Winners are Rickie Woolley, Chris Extine, and Spencer Burton.